Thursday, February 20, 2014


Of course as I'm up this morning doing things I probably shouldn't be doing I am watching the pretty fat flaky -best kind- snow fall from the heavens.  I go about doing what I'm not supposed to be doing, and the house starts to rumble from this loud crazy thunderlike noise. 

I scratch my head, because ha!  There isn't thunder when it snows.  That's totally only a "rain only in the summertime" occurrence.  Then it happens again.  And holy hell bitches ... it's freaking thunder!!!  

Freaking loud, shake my house, snow thunder! My mind is blown.  I wouldn't have believed it unless I witnessed it myself ... and I in-fact did witness it with my own eyes ears. 

It's totally legit.  And trending on Twitter, so you know it's true! 

Mind is officially blown.  

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  1. True story, snow thunder storms are not common but totally happen! They freak me out a little too!


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