Monday, February 24, 2014

marriage monday

Marriage Monday
When you first met, did you think it would end up the way it is?  yes and no.  i figured we'd be living together, but i didn't think we'd be dealing with the issues we're currently dealing with.

Is he what you ‘normally go for’? psychically, not at all.  but his personality is exactly what i look for in a guy. 

Do/did your friends approve of him? not all of them, but we've won a lot of people over when they actually see us interact together. 

Does he give you butterflies each time he looks into your eyes? every single time.  he's been giving me butterflies for longer than he realizes.

How long have you been together? one year, but we've been apart of each other's life for the past 4 years (and we even knew each other in high school)

How long do you plan on being together? i plan to be his forever, and ever, and ever.

Are you friends with his mates? 
his friends maturity level is like jr. high level, so when nick nack and i broke up 4 yrs ago they made it there business and apparently it bothered them more than nick and i - who got over it and ended up back together.  like i said ... jr high maturity level.

If it came to it, would he rescue you at 3am if needed? i don't even have to guess - it's yes!  4 years ago around 3am i pulled up to my house and there was a skunk in my front yard.  i sat inside my car for about 10 minutes and it wasn't leaving!  i called nick and told him to hurry and come save me.  he lived about 10 minutes away, and when he got to my house the skunk was still there.  he scared it away, and tried to shoot it with his BB gun.  he saved me.  my true night in shining armor. 

How many times a day does he tell you he loves you? enough.

Do you trust each other? 
yes.  he is having the hardest time trusting anyone with everything that he is going through, but he talks to me the most, and shares things he isn't with anyone else. 

Have you met the parents and vice versa? 
i've been apart of his life for 4 years, of course we've met each other's parents.

Does he ever take you shopping and spoil you rotten? no, but i don't want to be spoiled rotten!  he picks me up random things when i'm not with him (like pink liters, or pink stuffed animals, or candy) and i like that more!  it lets me know he's thinking about me when i'm not around.  i think i spoil him more when it comes to materialistic things, and i absolutely love it that way.

Ever layed in bed together in each others arms? 
we live together, we do that all the time! 

Is there an age gap between you two? 
it's like a 2 month age gap, and i'm older than he is.

Has he ever showed signs of breaking up? no he hasn't.  he's going through one of the hardest times of his life, so we talk about it, but i am his rock and he is mine, so no break up in our future.

Do you have ‘a song’? yeah we do.  it just kind of fit our relationship perfectly, so we didn't pick it - it seriously picked us.

Does he and your ex get along? 
this is a hilarious question.  they seriously have a love/hate relationship with each other.

Do you have trouble telling him the truth sometimes? 
i've never had an issue with telling the truth to anyone. 

How did you meet one another? high school, but we were brought back together by fb. 

Would you trust him if he left the town for a month with no contact? would i trust him?  of course i would, but the no contact would make me so sad.  he's apart of my every day life, so if he had to leave for a month and we couldn't talk it would definitely take a toll.

Hows the relationship been so far? it's been a challenge.  but it's been a wonderful, crazy, romantic, spontaneous roller coaster ride.  and i wouldn't change it for anything.

Does it bother you if he doesnt say ‘I love you’ when he leaves? 
no. it's totally fine if he doesn't say it every minute of every day.  i know he loves me.

Does he pull you aside to kiss you goodbye or do it there and then? he just does it then and there. 

Has he ever asked you if his outfit looks okay? 
awe that's so cute. lol. yes he has and it's always adorable.

Does he own a lot of shoes? not really, no.

Has he ever asked you to change your skirt to jeans if going out? uhm no, because i rarely wear skirts.

What colour eyes would your child have? 
well he has brown and i have hazel, so i would hope they would have mine.

Does he greet you with a hug each time you see him? 
not every time.  we live together, so we're always around each other.  when he goes to work for 12 hours he'll hug me.

Are you the jealous type? 
at times i can be, but i really have nothing to be jealous about.  he's mine and i know that.

Does he have a bit of a reputation? i don't know... and honestly i really don't care...

Ever been away together? 
yes, we went on a mini work vaca over the summer last year.

Do you remember your first kiss with one another? yes, i absolutely do remember our first kiss.

How was it? it was so sweet.  we went out, and at the end of the night he got out of the car and leaned in and kissed me good night. it was perfect.

Do you ever kiss him and wonder if its the last one? 
no i don't.  

Would you ever get his name tattooed on you? haha.  i learned from that mistake.  i will never get a guys name tattooed on me again.

Would he get yours? highly doubtful - but he does have my last name tattooed across his chest, so that's good enough for me.

Has he ever bought you a gift for no reason but his love? 
he does all the time

Ever stayed up chatting til stupid o’ clock on the phone? 
yeah when we didn't live together, but we preferred hanging out because we were only 8 minutes from each other.

Do you text a lot? we do text a lot.  even though we live together, we're always texting each other cute things when we're in the other room - we have a romantic kind of love. 

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