Friday, February 21, 2014

blondest moment of my life

As I'm driving shotgun with Jeremy the other day in his new blazer, somehow I got on the subject of what he's owned in the 4 years that we've known each other.  The conversation was short, sweet, and embarrassing as all hell.... but embarrassing moments make hilarious stories later!  So here goes the convo: 

me: so since I've known you you've had a GMC, Ford and a Chrysler 

Jeremy: excuse me? 

me: this is a damn Chrysler ... isn't it? 

Jeremy: dumb founded-ly staring at me.

me: *pointing at the steering wheel, at that symbol*
THAT IS A DAMN CHRYSLER SYMBOL!!!! (I yelled it!  Because damnit!  That totally is Chrysler in my head)

me: *immediately after saying that* haha - just kidding.  I meant Chevy. 

I couldn't even play it off like I was joking, because I totally serious.  And his dad retired from Chrysler so I literally had no excuse to even say that.  I felt like an idiot for the next 10 minutes - then I started talking about something else.  

I think what happened was in my head I meant Chevy, but it came out Chrysler. 

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  1. Lol gotta love when ya have blonde moments like that.


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